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Welcome to Smooth, Melbourne’s answer to womens designer plus size clothes, over 40s fashion, special event, and mother of the bride clothing. If you are looking for outfits in any of these categories in Australia, it can be a struggle to find clothing that looks great and makes you feel great.

Here at our Smooth online store, we offer a huge range of designer outfits that are made to fit women with curve and shape, which flatters but also offers interesting design. The high-street these days is aimed at un-realistic body shapes, and the unattainable ‘perfect ideology’ that women should be stick thin to be beautiful. Here at Smooth, we know beauty comes in all shapes, and we want to give all women a chance to rock stunning outfits.

A Huge Range Of Fabrics and Colours

Online and at our funky design studio/ shop in one of Melbourne’s amazing laneways, we have a huge range of colours, fabrics and styles to choose from. There will never be a danger of walking into a party and having the same outfit as your friends. Also, you will never have to buy something that doesn’t fit quite right, as we have people in-store who can adjust garments exactly to your fit -- so it feels like it was made for you!

Wear Fabulous Clothing At Any Age

Fashion isn’t just for the young; Smooth believes you can look good at any age. We offer stunning ranges for the mother of the bride, and over 40s and 50s, so you can give the young ones in your family a run for their money in the style stakes!

Come down and see us at one of our stores in Australia, or have a look around online for that next special event outfit.

For designer plus size clothes and womens clothes for over 40s, made with quality fabrics and niche designs, give us a call on 03 9639 8520 or visit us in person at our amazing space in Howey place in Melbourne’s CBD.

Shop: (03) 9639 8520

Cathy: 0412 299 844

Amanda: 0412 164 202

17 Howey Place
Melbourne Vic 3000

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