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Here is the start of a new blog where we get to show some of our customers wearing our outfits. These are photos sent in by the customers themselves.


Smooth, sophisticated and stylish, the Janet Seidel Trio have a uniquely warm and natural approach to  sound that comes as a breath of fresh air wherever they go.
With a wealth of experience, world wide, from recording studios (18 CDs released), live radio performances (including ABC, BBC, Japan etc), concert halls, theatres, jazz clubs and festivals, cabaret venues to country halls and private parties, Janet's captivating voice along with superb guitar and bass, wins over new audiences time and again.
Reviewers have compared her favourably with iconic artists including Peggy Lee, Doris Day, Julie London and Blossom Dearie, accurately noting her influences. The trio uses the renowned Nat King Cole line up (piano/vocals, jazz guitar and double bass) and the extensive repertoire ranges from jazz standards, ballads, Latin, French Chanson, through to the more quirky depending on the setting.

Janet Seidel's music is a perfect accompaniment to an elegant dinner party, (wearing your lovely SMOOTH outfit of course)  You can find her music links at



Described as a 'force of nature', Toni's career in vaudeville, musical theatre, television and cabaret has spanned more than half a century.  You can find out more about her here.

Here she is performing in a Smooth jacket.





'I  am a self-employed Cost Engineer in Oil and Gas in Perth. If I am really honest,  I like to think I am remembered for my style as well as my abilities.
Engineering Project work is hectic and can at times be stressful, but it pays well and I have met fabulous people through it.
I have a few smooth outfits I wear to work with a compliment each time  I do,  but the  Crowning glory was the masked ball last year’s Christmas Party when my  very straight and  sometimes humorless French Colleague was  heard to say I was “looking so elegant”. I was pleased as punch ( something I had to translate for him the next Monday) as he was a notorious critic in the office. All around oooh’d and arrr’d at his great compliment.
It’s thanks to the swishing in to the function with my gorgeous Smooth long Opera Jacket and of course the matching mask! Perfect!
Every time I come to Sydney I like to visit the store and  see what I can  procure for the  wardrobe.  ( I just go along with the wardrobes demands, of course!)'


If you have a photo, and story you would like to have on our site please email me.

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Davina Foreman
Davina Foreman

May 16, 2015

Before flying to Melbourne from NZ my colleague told me about this shop called Smooth and said it was the place to go to. She was absolutely right oh wow the colors the styles the workmanship and the service is amazing This is my new best shop when I come to Melbourne love love love it Thanks Amanda from the Maori girl from NZ

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