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Over 50 Clothes

Scared of color? You shouldn't be. In fact skin tones change many times throughout life.  We often hear women with clear but outdated ideas about what they can and can't wear.   The main thing is how you put it together.  

And just in case you unconsciously draw a fashion line at a certain age, check out these women.  You are never too old to look fabulous. Just check these women for attitude.

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January 03, 2013

I adore color. It’s the basis of my design bssnieus. I always start with color because it sets the mood for the home/office.I’d love to design a school. Government Green needs to go, don’t you think?


June 07, 2012

You are so right about the colour thing and changing it up as you get older., I recdently moved to a slightly lighter hair colour and it sliced years off my appearace and made me look much healthier. My skin tone had clearly changed over time, and I was looking washed out with the darker shade… I don’t know why but it hadn’t occurred to me to do a review of my colour choices regarding clothing, but next time I shop I will be experimenting with some new options. thanks for the insight

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