OUR CHANGING BODIES: Our changing perspectives

May 07, 2013

What does plus size mean? What is appropriate clothing for women over 40 and women over 50?  In fact, what is seen as beauty?  In fact all these things are ever shifting.  Statistics show that women's figures have changed over the last 100 years.  We seem to have larger waists and narrower hips. Fashionable figures have moved through periods of gamine, voluptuous, athletic and now, sadly, a computer generated, artificially enhanced porn star look seems to dominate. 

As women who are aging, as we all do, The question of how to manage this in today's youth market is increasingly complex. Cosmetic interventions are now almost mandatory.  This is not to say we disapprove, in fact, it is a wonderful thing when done wisely.  But the use of botox as a preventative on girls aged 20?  I wonder if we will have a generation who doesn't register facial expressions properly.  

My take on this, is that we should aim to look youthful rather than young.  And that means avoiding 'mutton dressed as lamb clothing' and having cosmetic enhancements which are subtle. We want people to see our faces not our treatments. 

Plus size fashion can be anything from a size 16- size 36.  This is far too broad.  If the average woman is an 18, why is the average considered to be plus size? 

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