Good-bye Howey place

April 09, 2019

Good-bye Howey place

The ever rolling gypsy wagon also known as small business, requires a strong heart,  a restlessly creative mind and the ability to move quickly when needed. 

In the 19 years Smooth have been going,  we have seen so many amazing fashion labels,  large and small,  go the way of the dodo.  Yet we are still here, and about to move on to our brightest phase. 

Many of the challenges of retail are about the ever shifting landscape and the ability of designers to respond to the needs of the customer.  

However by far the greatest challenge for Smooth has been the almost abusive attitudes of landlords.  We have so many stories of near defeat at the hands of faceless entities ( who are often based internationally and have no idea of the landscape on the street).

So it is with the greatest joy that we move into what we believe is our best ever shop at 280 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. 

Our design studio will not be onsite anymore,  but not far away either,  in Footscray. 

Get ready ladies, for a huge creative surge.