June 29, 2016


So many people know the cliche 'never go into business with a friend'.  But after over 15 years in business together, Amanda and I have a lot of experience and hopefully a little wisdom on this subject.  

I think the most important thing is trust.  You have to know that you can trust your partner whatever happens. And with a friendship at stake you must both believe that the survival of the friendship outweighs the survival of the business. Because, no matter how you start, there will always be major challenges; times when you wish you could be free of each other.  But the truth is, you don't want to be free of each other, you want to be free of the stresses of business. 

Another thing is to honour your different skills.  A good partnership means that you act as counterbalancing forces- and this is a GOOD thing, even when it means you wrestle hard to get your own way. Praising each other is paramount. 

And finally, despite your different ways of approaching things, you must share a common goal; pulling together in the same direction.  

The rewards of working with a best friend are amazing;  Smooth is our much loved child, which could never have come to be without the two of us.