How to Co-Ordinate

It has been a long project for us to find a way to co-ordinate the special event sets for you.  The fabrics come from different parts of the world, and we have been developing relationships with manufacturers for the last 18 months to solve this problem.  We are delighted to be able to offer you many color and design options which are exclusive to Smooth.

The fabrics are often limited edition, so this page will change as garments sell out.  The silks can be divided into Silk satin burnouts,  and Silk Velvet burnouts.  The current range can be matched as follows.

Silk Velvets                       Match with Acetate color

Art Nouveau Silver                   Silver Blue

Purple/Pink Matchstick            Summer purple

Red Matchstick                        Red,   Black

Black Art Nouveau                   Black,   Olive

Silk Satins     

Teal                                           Teal

Purple                                        Summer purple,  Midnight Blue

Blue                                           Midnight Blue