GoGo Poncho Black and White

Winter 2020 saw a few major changes in our lifestyles.  

1. Our pyjama bottoms, usually lasting for years were wearing out,  as we didn't see the point of getting fully dressed. 

2. We all got used to meeting friends from the waist up, on Zoom, Facetime and Skype.

So of course here at Smooth we started designing with this in mind.  We needed a funky winter throw on throw off piece which would look equally good standing up or sitting in front of a computer. 

Our first pilot of the new GoGo Poncho has landed.  Sadly this print is very limited numbers, but we have some cool new fabrics waiting for the cutting machine. 

Fabric here is a heavy cotton knit. Perfect for autumn or even winter for those ladies who feel the heat. 

Free size,  this will work for size 14- 24.