SPECIAL EVENT including Mother of the Bride


Contemporary Mother of the Bride (and Mother of the Groom) trends stretch from everything from dresses to pants and more than ever they are wearing a vibrant coat over a well cut black set. For the perfect outfit for that special day to celebrate your son or daughter, you want to feel confident in your skin – and compliments are always welcome.

Dressing yourself for such an important occasion can be daunting for even the most perfect body, but Smooth make it our mission to make women of any shape or size feel their best. Browse our wide range of plus size and mature mother of the bride or groom options at our Melbourne and Sydney boutiques or online to find dresses and outfits that really flatter.

Our silks are designed for the full range of sizes and shapes that everyday, real women come in. Most importantly they photograph beautifully! Remember that the wedding is one day, but the photos are to last a lifetime.

If you can't get in to see us in person, don't hesitate to call and discuss your needs.