Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions

Do not at any stage take the display of any item on this website as is an offer to sell. Smooth Sydney Australia is not under any obligation to supply the products ordered through this website. If you place an order, this will be your offer to purchase the items from us. Orders will be acknowledged by email as soon as possible but Smooth Sydney Australia is under no obligation to supply the products ordered unless we have the products in stock and they are available at the specified prices.

In the instance that items you order are out of stock, or subject to a delay, we will try to contact you on the email address you provided us when placing your order.

If we cannot contact you or receive no response to our email, we will not proceed with your order until we have clarified an alternative order with you, or you have accepted the delay time for the completion of your initial order. Your credit card will not be processed until your order is shipped.

The prices listed are in Australian dollars. The foreign currency value of this will vary with fluctuations in the exchange rate. Smooth Sydney Australia will process your order on the date of shipping and the exchange rate will be automatically calculated by the bank. Any extra fees for this transaction which your bank may charge you, are not the responsibility of Smooth Sydney Australia, and will not be reimbursed by Smooth Sydney Australia.