The Silver Revolution

June 02, 2017

The Silver Revolution

It seems to be on everyone's lips lately.  The question of whether to go silver or not is one which can spark fierce debate.

On the one hand, there are some who see it as a major power statement.  A friend of mine who recently 'transitioned' was extremely passionate about wanting to feel totally comfortable being who she is, without artifice or mask.  And, lucky her,  like many others, she just happens to look fabulous.  The silver locks seem to add to the twinkling in her eyes.   

Then again others would say that it shouldn't matter whether the silver suits or not, if total liberation from the tyranny of having to look good is what you are seeking...... Yes, well that is another argument.  And a totally valid point of view. 

But for the rest of us mere mortals, the question of how much time and dedication we bring to the challenge of looking the best we can ( to ourselves as much as others ) is a vexed one.  Bottom line, is most of us would like to look as good as we did at 25 but feel emotionally as good as we do now-  (I don't meet too many who want to revisit their youthful confusion ).

And it is entirely personal.  Being dark haired,  the maintenance required to keep my 'rockstar' hairstyle is pretty regular.  That said, in the 80's I used to bleach, then run a gooey pink gel through and get a sticky mess which occasionally ran down my face if it was too hot..... so I guess today's efforts are nothing in comparison.

So, if you want to go silver, fantastic.  And if you love playing with your appearance, life is short; dance barefoot or dye your hair bright blue or do whatever makes you feel alive. The best thing,  the only thing really, is that we are doing it for ourselves. 

Me, shortly before the gel began dripping. 

Cheers,  Cathy